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Soul Food

Books to nourish the Latin American Church Over the two thousand years of Christian history, books that help us to understand and apply the Bible have been central to the growth of healthy churches. The first people to take the gospel to Latin America understood this. In those early days, Christian bookshops were opened in … Continued

A Bumpy Ride to Mexico

Bhoke Magotti had been trying to get to Mexico for a 6-month Stride placement since 2017. First, there was a long challenge to fundraise all the support she needed. Then there was a pandemic. After that, lengthy issues to do with her Tanzanian passport. It was not plain sailing. And when she finally flew out … Continued

More than we ask or imagine

“NOW TO HIM WHO IS ABLE TO DO IMMEASURABLY MORE THAN ALL WE ASK OR IMAGINE, ACCORDING TO HIS POWER THAT IS AT WORK WITHIN US…” EPH. 3:20 Can we measure the immeasurable? We’re very used to measuring our successes. It’s how we figure out if something is effective and if it’s achieved what it … Continued

Maribel turns the lights on in Manchester

Maribel Beyuma Chao has been on a mission her whole life, but now she has followed Jesus all the way across the world. The Christmas tree at St Hilda’s Church in Manchester only needed five meters of Christmas lights to cover it. So when 50 meters turned up, there was a bit of confusion. By … Continued

Three weeks in Argentina

Time goes so quickly; we are already in our third week! This week was a little bit different as it is our final week in Salta. From Monday to Wednesday, we continued to work on our building project, and we moved on to the final stage – painting the kitchen. After two days of intensive … Continued

Two weeks in Argentina

Our second week in Salta has been exciting! We have been working for the church for a week now, and gradually we are getting to know more and more people in the church and neighbourhood. And we’ve explored more of Salta and Argentina culture. On Monday we had a day off, which was a great … Continued

Our first week in Argentina

Our team met on Monday afternoon at the Gatwick airport Air Europa check-in desk. It was a really hot day in England, nearly 40 degrees! Some of the team had problems with the transportation because of the heat – but thank God, everyone arrived at the airport safely and we got through the security check … Continued

Thank You

12 weeks later, it is time for us to say goodbye… We have nearly come to the end of our time here in Ecuador – it has gone so quickly! We have been blessed with so many opportunities and have met some wonderful people. Our last weekend in Santo Domingo was a busy one spent … Continued

Blessings and goodbyes

Just after sending off the last report we had a very emotional moment. As all things are in Ecuador, it was quite sudden! Pastor William, who has been with us throughout our time here, left the campamento and so we had to say goodbye. His kindness and generosity have been such a blessing and we … Continued