About Step Teams

Step is Latin Link’s short-term mission programme for teams. Whether you're looking to go volunteer as part of a team for 3 weeks or 3 months, Step provides an unforgettable way to serve God and his church in Latin America.

Step teams share God’s love in a very tangible way as they live and work alongside Latin Americans, offering their support through practical and community-based projects. We send teams each year in the spring and summer, and also provide the opportunity for you to take a team from your church or CU.


Step Team Facts


Spring and Summer options

3 – 16 week placements

For ages 18+

Serve across Latin America


Spring Teams

4 Month placements: March-July

Summer Teams

3-7 week placements: July and August

Take a Team

3+ weeks over summer: Take your church or CU

What do teams do?

As part of a Step team you can usually expect to be involved in the following:

 РA hands-on practical project

 РSport and games

 РSupporting a local church

 РCommunity outreach

 РDrama, arts and crafts

 РChildren’s work

 РYouth ministry

 РOne amazing adventure that you’ll never forget!


Check out the video below to see a Step team in action!


The aims of Step

Whether helping children at risk in Guatemala or building a church in Brazil, the aim of Step is to:

  • Share¬†and show the love of God by serving the Latin American Church¬†through a practical or community-based project.
  • Encourage¬†individuals to grow in their faith and to seek God‚Äôs purpose for their life as they serve cross-culturally.
  • Enthuse¬†individuals with the desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through both¬†word and deed whether at home or¬†in another country.
  • Support the Latin American Church in their ongoing ministry in Latin America and worldwide, while actively seeking to learn from them.


Who books flights? Where do I go? Your Step questions answered here!

Code of Best Practice

Latin Link¬†is recognised by Global Connections as operating under the¬†Code of Best Practice in Short-Term Mission 2019‚Äď20.