This week there’s been lots of progress at the campamento – we’ve now made and painted 50 cement posts that will enclose the site. It was a very messy job for some… not so much for Abi!

Make sure to follow our Instagram @latinlink_step for more regular updates and photos from our team! For the next couple of weeks, we’ll continue to make and paint the posts while Milton and Pastor William drill holes for them.

While staying at the camp, we’ve carried on teaching on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at the local school. We’re really enjoying getting to know the students better and seeing their progress week by week. Please continue to pray for these children, not only for their educational development but for them to come to know God.

On Saturday afternoon we held an English lesson at church and invited anyone from the congregation who was eager to learn or practise the language with us! We spent time on Friday preparing, printing worksheets and thinking about how to teach a wide range of ages! We’ve realised that English is a very confusing language! The lesson went really well and the people that came wanted to practise conversation as they already knew the basics. We were really impressed! It was a lovely afternoon getting to know some different people from church.

On Sunday, we were invited to watch a horse parade (Cabalgata) in Santo Domingo with Milton and Nelly. Their son, Aaron, was taking part in it and they were really proud to take us along to see him! It was a very busy and slightly chaotic parade, with people, horses, dogs and street sellers everywhere, but it was nice to see another celebration of Santo Domingo’s 55th anniversary.

This week, we’d appreciate prayer as we prepare for upcoming events in our final few weeks in Ecuador. Also pray that we’ll make the most of the time we have left, seizing every opportunity we can and doing it all in the name of Jesus. Please also continue to pray for the unrest in Ecuador – we’ve been really grateful that no strikes have reached us yet and we’re praying that any violence will settle down before we start to travel out of Santo Domingo.


Abi, Kate, Jessie, Charlotte and Lily