How we work

Latin Link is a community of Christians, with a desire to share God’s love in and from Latin America. Through partnership with local churches in Latin America and Europe, we send teams, individuals, couples and families on mission.

Our three programmes

Latin Link’s works using three inter-related programmes; StepStride, and Stay.

Step teams

Step is our short-team programme for teams, ranging from 3 weeks to 4 months. Step teams work alongside churches in Latin America, helping wherever and however they can: from youth and children’s work to constructing a church or community building.

Stride Placements

Stride is designed for individuals, couples or families. It gives people the opportunity to serve in a missional context for 6-24 months. Placements are tailored towards the individual’s unique gifts, passion and calling. Placement options include language study or medical elects for university students.

Stay Programme

Stay is our programme for longer-term mission workers, those serving for two or more years. Stay members will have previously completed a two-year Stride placement. Stay gives individuals, couples and families the opportunity to invest their time and talents in a church or Christian-run project, to help bring significant transformation to the local community.

Incoming Mission

Mission is multidirectional. Therefore, as well as sending people on mission to Latin America, our Stride and Stay programmes are also for Latin Americans exploring a call to serve in Europe. This is facilitated by Latin Link’s Incoming Mission ministry, which connects Latin American mission workers with church placements in Britain and Ireland.

Across all three programmes, Latin Link members’ work spans a vast range of projects and ministries. Members use their gifts, knowledge and skills to serve where there are needs that have been identified by a Latin Link country team, project, institution or church with which we have a relationship.

We currently have members working in hospitals, food banks, schools, churches, and anything in between – all with the goal of demonstrating Jesus’ love to the communities around them.

You can read inspiring examples of our members’ work here.

Working in partnership

Latin Link is interested in genuine partnership and relationship with churches, projects and a host of other organisations and agencies, in the selection, training, sending, placement and care of personnel.

  • We work closely with churches in Britain and Ireland who send or receive mission workers, sharing the care and support of those called to cross-cultural mission.
  • Mission placements in Latin America are always arranged in partnership with local churches and projects, to ensure that they serve real needs and are carried out effectively and sustainably, in a culturally appropriate way.
  • Latin Link as a whole is also part of various larger mission networks, which facilitate the broader sharing of ideas and development of mission work.

Latin Link has formed strong relationships with mission networks and groups, including Global Connections, several members of the COMIBAM network (Cooperación Misionera Iberoamericana), and many other organisations across Europe and Latin America. If you’re a church or Christian organisation interested in partnering with Latin Link, find out more here.


How to get involved

If you’re looking to get involved in the Latin Link community – by praying, giving, fundraising, or going on mission – you can explore a range of ways to get started below.


If you would like any more information about how Latin Link works, please aks us a question using the button below.