‘To contemplate the mountains (or the project, or the mission, or the task ahead),

I ask myself this question: where will my help come from?

My help will come from the Lord, creator of the heaven and the earth.’ (Psalm 121:1,2)

Image of previous STWSS Step team to Canete, PeruWe are a team of seven, about to set off for the small community of La Florida, a sort of dormitory village with few facilities, not far from the regional main town of St Vicente de Cañete.

  • Rachel is already in Peru, and this is her third time.
  • Sue has been four times before and very much knows the ropes.
  • Robert is coming for a third visit.
  • And Chike is returning for the second, bringing his youthful skills and energy with him.
  • For Jazz, Funke and Anna it is a new endeavour, a challenging prospect and a great opportunity.

So between us there is both experience and new adventure, and a range of Spanish from passable to minimal.

Our broad task is the support the work and mission of Juan Carlos and Kelly at La Iglesia Vida Nueva (New Life Church).

We will assist in some building work, children’s work, community work, church work – whatever work comes to our hand.

So we ask ourselves this question: where will our help come from?

‘Our help comes from the Lord, the Creator of heaven and earth.’