Image of Summer Step 17 Nicaragua team painting a swimming poolOn the Friday 21st (our last one working) we undertook yet further ditch digging/ prepping the ground to lay pipes. We also finished painting the pool- Hurrah! We just had to wait 3 agonising days till it could be filled and swam in again.

Saturday we managed to go volcano boarding. This consisted of sliding down on a small wooden board. The walk up was exhausting but it was worth it for the slide back down. Once we returned to the project we had a lazy evening where we either read or played games.

Sunday we went to church. A group of us helped with Sunday school; Jonah was the topic done through drama and colouring. The church kindly provided us with lunch which happened to be the same meal we had on the first day, fair to say we are acquiring their taste. It’s such a blessing to be provided for by others especially those who have less. The church always gives the children a meal which is honestly so great.

Monday was spent levelling the ground within the toilets which were coming together very nicely along with the usual jobs. Moral was beginning to run low, this really allowed us all to lean into the strength that God provides. A morale booster was the pool began to fill (admittedly at a tiny trickle). In the afternoon almost everybody went in for a dip ending in a boy’s v girl’s game of water polo.

On Tuesday everybody’s dreams came true when half way through the day the concrete mixer arrived, our job went from stirring concrete to just collecting the materials which was so much easier. The concrete was used to lay the floor in the boy’s toilet. Maggie ran the evening prayer meeting, her talk was pretty brilliant (the pastor himself asked for a copy) having us leap from book to book in the Bible.Wednesday was the day of our British meal and so a fair amount of time was spent making a trifle and baking tea. Early morning we stopped for tea and cakes with our Short Term Coordinators and had an in country debrief. We are so grateful for their help and efforts. We made a traditional meal of bangers and mash (with carrots and peas) which mostly went down well. After we gave out our gifts and received lovely messages. It was an emotional time for most and many goodbyes were said (despite seeing everybody the next day). We ended the day all sat around the pool dipping our feet in for a late night cool down. Due to warmth and spontaneity both Maggie and Josh went the full hog and leapt into the pool, however couldn’t convince anybody else to join them.

Thursday was a day off to pack and relax. After finishing saying goodbye to those at the project it was nice to have time to say goodbye to each other and to prepare to go home/Guatemala. In the evening we went to a leaving service in the church so the whole congregation could say goodbye.

On the Friday we leave the project at 4 to drive to Managua. From here the team proceeding to Guatemala have a flight at 8:45 and those going home at 12:30 (all Latin time). On behalf of everybody going home I want to wish the Guatemala team all the best and ask you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers even after our return. They are still doing God’s work and are incredible for staying on.

Prayer thanks:
  • For the cement mixer, we have prayed for over a week and it was a real blessing
  • For all the people who have supported us while out here
  • For team that fits together so well
  • For safety and good health
Prayer for:
  • Safe journeys and all our luggage gets where it needs to be
  • God continues to protect those going on to Guatemala
  • For transition back into UK culture

Many thanks for reading, supporting and praying for us!

Joshua and the team.