Playparks, preaching and preparing to leave

Hello and welcome to the final instalment of our Brazilian mission trip! Thank you for reading these updates and praying for us. The team can’t wait to be able to catch up with friends and family face to face but, in the meantime, here are the highlights of our final week:

Progress on the playpark

It was a less strenuous week in terms of manual labour, and mostly consisted of painting (although we did have fun using the pickaxe to dig into the ground). It has been amazing to see the progress made, and the generosity of individuals, from those who have donated materials, to people who have been involved in the construction of the playpark throughout the process. Sadly, we weren’t able to pot plants in the playpark, so it is not entirely finished. But it already looks incredible, and it’s been great to see the children already enjoying it!

Finally, on Friday, we were able to enjoy the views from the 2nd highest point in Pernambuco, and have done several house visits during the week.

A service in Sabá

On Saturday 24th Alice led the service at Saba with Katie and Emily preaching the sermon. They did their sermon on Peter and how a sinful man who was ruled out, not only by himself but by others too, was used by God. It was really lovely to see members of the community there as well as the local children enjoying the playpark afterwards!

The young people

During the last week, we have spent lots of time with the youth; it has been so nice to get to know them and to have such a welcoming group in the community. We have spent evenings eating chips, ice cream and traditional açai in the main square, and we have looked forward to their daily messages asking when we are free! We will definitely miss them when we leave.

Church life

Two weeks ago, we joined the church youth in hosting a drama about needing the church to act. In addition, we sung ‘Oceans’ alongside the young people, and it was a great moment where two different languages were being sung in unison, giving praise to God!

On the Sunday just gone, we presented during the service. We talked about the mission work we have been doing whilst here, how being in Brazil has strengthened our faith, and encouraged the congregation to also get involved with mission.

This trip has been an amazing experience, where we have had the opportunity to serve the local community, and help the local church. Having said this, the whole team recognises that we’ve gained more than we’ve given out. We’ve learnt so much from the Church here in Custódia, Tim and Hannah, the communities we’ve worked alongside, and from God speaking to us directly.

Prayer requests
  • Please pray for the ongoing work of the church here, and for the people that we’ve met and been inspired by.
  • Pray for the team, as we get ready to fly home, for safe travels and an enjoyable last day.
  • Finally, we would love it if you came alongside us in thanking God for the work he is orchestrating across the world; for his heart to reach all people groups and his grace in using imperfect people like us to achieve this work.
Thank you, everyone, for your support!