Looking for a way to spend your sabbatical? Why not come to Latin America to see God moving in another culture!

About Sabbatical placements

Sabbatical placements come under Latin Link’s Stride programme. Stride is designed for committed Christians who feel drawn to put their faith into practice in a Latin American culture.

Placements range from 6-8 weeks and usually begin in September. Like all our Stride placements, we will place you in a local Christian project where your skills can be utilised to serve God’s kingdom.

2022/23 Opportunities


Spend 5-8 weeks learning about mission from the local church in Argentina as part of your Sabbatical. For Church and senior ministry leaders only.

We’ve put together this programme with Church and ministry leaders in mind. You’ll spend your time shadowing some of our long-term members, getting an experience of church life and leadership in Argentina, whilst ensuring plenty of time for personal reflection, study, and rest. There will be opportunities to visit some rural churches and indigenous communities, as well as time to explore some of the beautiful countryside of Argentina.

To ensure you get the most from your time, you’ll also be assigned a personal mentor (an ordained pastor) who will meet with you regularly to discuss your experiences.


What will you be doing?
  • Attending and participating in the ministries of a local church
  • Spending time with different churches in the region
  • Visiting rural, indigenous communities

Other benefits

  • Chance for personal study and reflection
  • Regular meetings with your mentor
  • Opportunities to see some local tourist sights
  • Daily language study (1-hour per day tutor)
What support will you receive?

You will be fully supported by Latin Link before, during and after your placement. We would also stress the importance of your church being involved in your application and being available to offer prayer and pastoral support.

Before you leave, will provide in-depth orientation, and country-specific training and materials.

You’ll receive a local orientation when you arrive in the country. You’ll be supervised by our Short-Term Coordinator, who will set up and Risk Assess your placement, and you’ll be assigned a Mentor for the duration of your time in Latin America.


You will be given an individual debrief upon return to Britain and Ireland. Depending on the year, we may also run a debrief conference for all returning members.


You’ll either be living with a Latin Link member or a local host family, which is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture.

You will have everything you need, but expect fairly basic and cosy accommodation as placements are often in areas/communities of need.

Placement Cost

All placements are self-funded. The total cost of your placement will depend on a number of factors but below is an overview of how costs are calculated:

Paid to Covers Amount
Living costs In country Food, accommodation, transport,
communication etc.
(~£1000 for 2 months)
Flights Travel Agent Return flight ~£1000
Monthly contribution Latin Link Insurance, mentoring, supervision, placement
set-up, team days and conference
£200/ month
(£350 for 2 months)
Launch cost Latin Link Application process, DBS, health checks and advice,
Orientation, debriefing, fundraising support

How to apply


To apply for a Sabbatical Placement, you will need to complete a Stride Application form. Click the links below to download the forms. Complete and save them to your computer and email them as attachments to

If you have any questions about Sabbatical Placement email