Teaching, Tiredness and Birthdays!

We have now been here just over 2 weeks, which has flown by. Somehow, in two weeks, we have become fully qualified teachers teaching in a primary school 6 days a week. To say we are a bit tired is the biggest understatement ever but we are loving being so involved. We have been given the opportunity to teach computer, music, English, art, sports and bible classes to the kids, and you know what like 50% of the time they actually listen. We also host their homework club twice a week which turns into trying to think of any game to keep them entertained for 2 hours (we have only had one nose bleed).

We are staying with the pastor and his family at their house (so yeah that’s 13 people sharing 2 toilets). we have been completely overwhelmed by the generousity and hospitality of the family putting up with all 8 of us constantly, it’s actually more difficult than you would think. We also have warm showers, like actually hot water coming out of the shower! To say we were excited is a massive understatement.

On the 18th of May we celebrated Rhiannon’s birthday which was so lovely! We decorated our living space as best we could with overpriced balloons and homemade bunting. We went to a Latin link prayer meeting were they bought cake to celebrate and at that moment we were all happy it was Rhiannon’s birthday!

Again we have enjoyed numerous church services each week, and it’s great to see such a new church welcoming new people all the time. They have asked us to sing a couple of songs at the services, however we quickly learnt that they wanted all the songs in Spanish after we got a slight telling off in front of the church for singing in English. Lesson learnt.


Prayer points

  • Continuing prayer for rest and for team health.
  • Prayer that our communication can continue to improve with the kids.
  • Prayer for the family we are staying with.

Thanks for all your continuing prayer.

Teaching Computer Class

Decorating for Rhiannon’s Birthday

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