Our First Month! Flapjacks, Rain and Candle Lit Communion

So we have somehow hit our first month here. Building work is coming along nicely and although it’s safe to say the church is nowhere near finished we would like to think we are making some kind of dent in the quite big construction project. We think we might even be starting tiling the floor next week (maybe).

This week we did the bible story of ‘Jonah and the Whale’ in the schools with paper cut outs of the whale and a boat. Some of us have also started English lessons that are being hosted in the church.

Youth group last Saturday was cultural night which meant baking. Yep I think we attempted the impossible. Baking cakes and flapjacks in Guatemala, with a fairly dodgy oven and very limited cooking supplies. We would be lying if we said it was a complete success but as we kept saying God loves a trier. On the Irish team (just Niall) cultural night consisted of a potato, a flag and a football jersey. You decide who wins in terms of effort.

Over the weekend we experienced our first power cut in the church and obviously our neighbour Diego was on hand to provide us with candles. However during our evening service on Sunday, just as we finished taking communion by candle light, the power came back on. Clearly God wanted us to charge our phones so we could get this report put on time.

We had our first experience of torrential rain last week which managed to flood the walk way to the bathroom. A nice reminder of home but we are aren’t complaining about the return of the sun.

Prayer points:

  • Continuing growth as a team.
  • That we can spot the needs in the community and know where help is needed.
  • Prayer that the activities we have planned this week go smoothly.