Over the weekend we were involved in various church activities. On Friday night Martina led the church in a bible study at their weekly church meeting, after Josh got the privilege of experiencing the Peruvian tradition of birthday cake in the face! Then on Saturday Rachel shared at the women’s prayer meeting, and we were then involved with a night cafe that the young people of the church put on for free for whoever wanted to come in. On Sunday Josh drummed in the service and shared his testimony, before yet more food with the pastor and his wonderful family!

This week we had the opportunity to visit some of the families from Shalom, which proved to be heart wrenching. They smile and welcome us into their homes and generously share the little food they have. They are interested in us, concerned we are enjoying their country. What a privilege to pray and cry together.

Today (Thursday 9th) we ran a holiday club day at Nuevas Fuerzas, the group of young adults with learning difficulties, run by the church. It was so much fun, and the group of about 30 or so, plus a few Mums enjoyed the time. The theme was ‘Dios es creador’ – God is creator – emphasizing that God saw everything that he had made and it was very good, including you and me! Baking strawberry muffins went down really well, as did balloon games and dancing!

Answers to prayer:

  • That we were able to share in various church settings and that God gave us the words to say.
  • The visits to the families were really meaningful and took the relationships with them beyond surface level.

Prayer requests:

  • That we would be able to be a blessing as we go into the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre on Saturday, we don’t really know what to expect so prayer for that would be amazing!
  • For energy for our last couple of days in Arequipa, that we can give our all in everything we do.

Thank you so much everyone at home for your prayers and support, they are having an impact and we feel very blessed by all the support!