Following the worst forest fires in its history, the Chile team has issued the following update:

Image of a forest fireMany of you will have seen the news about the forest fires that have been affecting large areas of central and southern Chile over the last two weeks and that are ongoing. We are thankful to God that none of the Latin Link members have been personally affected. However, the situation is critical and Latin Link have compiled the following information to keep you up to date and also some prayer points for the situation.

The situation

Chile is facing the worst forest fires registered in its history. There are 135 separate fires, of which 59 are now under control, 78 are currently being fought and only five have been completely put out. So far these fires have consumed 388,000 acres of land, there are 2,025 people living in shelters due to the 1,089 houses that have been destroyed, and sadly 11 people have died.

Please pray:

  • for the safety of those who are fighting to put the fires out as most of those who have died were firefighters.
  • for the weather conditions here in Chile, as at the moment there is a heat wave that is making it even more difficult to fight the fires. We urgently need rain and only God can make this happen!
  • that the Church would show God’s love in a practical way to those who have lost everything.
  • that those who have lost everything will put their trust and hope in God.
  • give thanks for the help that Chile has received from other countries who have sent aeroplanes and trained firefighters to help put the fires out. (It is worth bearing in mind that firefighters here are all volunteers and there are no professionals.)

Many thanks.

Images: © Pavel Ševela (banner) and © Evgeny Dubinchuk/ (main)