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From Pamézabal to Puerta

After a lovely and relaxing rest week in Monterrico, we headed off refreshed to our new project. We arrived in Guatemala City on the Sunday and got settled into the church building that’ll be our home for the next two months. We enjoyed exploring the building, as there are so many random rooms – great … Continued

Saying Goodbye

We entered our last week in Pamézabal with mixed emotions: we couldn’t believe how quickly the time had gone, we were sad about the people we knew we wouldn’t see for some time, and concerned about how we were going to organise ourselves with so much planned. We started back at construction on Monday morning … Continued

From Construction to Crêpes

We’ve been enjoying seeing the progress being made in construction this week. The final concrete layer in one of the rooms has already been completed – and in only a couple of days! It’e been amazing seeing all the work coming along, and it has given us the energy for a final push at making … Continued


Considering that this time last week we didn’t know what this week was going to look like, we have somehow managed to do a lot! After catching a glimpse of the eclipse (very cool, but slightly underwhelming!), some of us went with the Pastor to the abandoned church we discovered last week. A family from … Continued

Meeting new people

While families in the UK woke up to hot cross buns and chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday, we woke up to a spontaneous shopping trip! The few of us who were awake at 7am left the others to fend for themselves and set off on what would become a whole-morning outing. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find … Continued