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Growing Up Between Cultures

It’s often said that Third Culture Kids can fit in anywhere, but belong nowhere. Many children of cross-cultural mission workers do not feel fully at home in either their parent’s native culture or the host culture where they’re growing up. Latin Link’s Hannah and Tim Flatman think about this a lot. Their two young children … Continued

A first adventure

Joanna McCree interviews the Step team setting off for Ecuador Joanna (our Assistant Head of Programmes): Every year we send out Step teams made up of all sorts of wonderful people to live and work with Latin American churches. Given the probability of cold showers and sleeping on the floor, I’m always interested in what … Continued

In God’s Image

Why every person deserves their Human Dignity What do we mean by ‘human dignity’? At heart, it’s a belief that every human being is incredibly valuable and should be treated as such, no matter who they are or where they’re from. As Christians, this belief comes from our conviction that human beings are created by … Continued

Read, Write, Hope

Giving Brazil’s forgotten teenagers – and their parents – a fresh start with literacy Maria has got very good at hiding the fact that she can’t read. “But it is so tiring,” she says. “I always have to have somebody else with me in case I need to read a sign – all the time … Continued

Exploring a call to mission?

Ever questioned whether God is asking you to leave behind life as you know it and move across the world to share the gospel? Maybe you’ve heard stories about mission and felt inspired but intimidated. Perhaps you suddenly have some spare months ahead of you – is that a sign? It’s confusing, right? What if … Continued

Short-term challenges, long-term hope

It’s been an eventful year, to say the least, for Joanna McCree, Latin Link’s Short Term Coordinator in Reading. But amid the many changed plans and disappointments, she has seen hopeful story.  A few weeks ago on a particularly wet and muddy walk, I started thinking about the previous year (does anyone else find walking … Continued

Hope in the Hospitals

On the Frontline in Latin America’s Covid Crisis The past year has crippled already fragile healthcare systems across Latin America. We’re privileged to have several qualified medical professionals serving with Latin Link. We spoke to two of them – Jaap and Nicola – to find out what this past year has looked like, and how … Continued

The God of all Comfort

In Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, a local church is transforming the lives of families who have fled there from Venezuela. When Latin Link’s Ian Horne helped establish this initiative, there was one volunteer in particular who drew his attention – Sandra Sanchez. She had a real gift for counselling and came alongside each migrant … Continued

One Year On

Covid-19 and the Latin Link community The challenge, the response, and the future In March 2020, it seemed that we could only watch and pray as the coronavirus spread across the Atlantic and took hold in Latin America. We knew of so many communities that were very vulnerable to a situation like this. A year … Continued