Partnering with churches in Britain and Ireland

Serving and working with churches is central to Latin Link. All Latin Link members are sent out and supported by churches, as well as serving and worshipping in churches wherever they go. Partnership with churches, therefore, plays a crucial role in enabling Latin Link members to have a fruitful ministry.

Sending and receiving mission workers

We believe that it is the local church that recognises, prepares, commissions and supports people whom the Spirit of God is setting apart for cross-cultural ministry. Latin Link works alongside churches to help those people fulfil their calling.

Whether your church is sending people for many years, several months or a few weeks, or is hosting a Latin American mission worker, our aim is to partner with you to ensure that the church and individual get the most out of the mission experience and that the kingdom of God is advanced.

We aim to engage with churches in a meaningful partnership where we share both the responsibilities and the joys of those serving with Latin Link.

How it benefits churches

Partnership can provide unique benefits for your church.

  • The sending and receiving of mission workers enlarges the vision and worldview of a church.
  • It provides opportunities for church members (and leaders!) to go on mission trips to visit and assist the workers they have sent out and the projects they are involved with.
  • Those church members who go on mission trips invariably come back more fired up in their faith and more willing and able to contribute to the life of the church ‘back home’.

Where to begin

Whether you’re looking to send a mission worker, receive a Latin American mission worker, take a church team on mission, or mobilise your church for mission, Latin Link are here to help. Find the right option for you below.

Asking for a speaker

Do you need someone to come and speak at a service or an event? We can send a Latin Link speaker to share all about mission, whether that's Latin mission, or more generally. Get in touch!

Caring for a mission worker

Sending or receiving a mission worker? Here's how to support them - before, during and after their placement.

Hosting a Latin American

A new wave of mission. Could your church host a mission worker from Latin America?

We'll help you send a team from your church to serve alongside local Christian projects in Latin America