The last 4 days have been very productive and full of experiences for the team.

The building work for the comedor is progressing slowly but surely, and it has been very nice for the team to be a part of it all. In addition we have re-painted the outside of the old wooden church, now a classroom, and managed to repair the swings we erected on the last trip.


Each day we have taken it in turns to report more fully in the team diary. We have now been here ten days and the encouragement from each other and finding strength in the Lord keeps us all going.

It was Independence Day for Peru, Viernes 28 de Julio. We headed to the main square where Vida Nueva church were presented an award from the mayoress for the project work, that we are privileged to be a part of.

Along with the building work, the relationships that have been built with the team and the children here at La Florida is beautiful to see. The children are enthusiastic to come to church, and the energy is bounced off from the team and the children. A delight to see. Drama, singing, games, memory verses, interactive talks are all part of the menu with both children and adults.

We were blessed with a ‘sort of’ day off yesterday as we have all been ‘hands on’ since we got here and it was nice to have some hours in the sun to relax and play with the locals in the compound. A few of the team are a bit under the weather, so we ask for prayer in recovery and in strength to carry on the work we are doing.

Meanwhile, today, Sunday, the sun is out!