Thursday 11th May was our third full day in Pedernales and we worked some more at the church on a few different jobs – starting a foundation to build a much needed store room, weeding the untidy area around the church, and digging out a foundation for a stone path leading up to the church.

Image of Stepper viewing work on the groundFriday was spent in much the same way and we were starting to get a little bit frustrated that we couldn’t start building the pastor’s house, but we had an amazing surprise in the evening when Andres and Jimena (the Short-term Coordinators) turned up at the restaurant. This lifted our spirits a lot and it was much easier to get up early and work at the church the next Saturday morning with them around to encourage us and bring us ice lollies in the blistering heat! They, and the two Swiss friends they brought, also got stuck into helping us with the work and they were a big blessing.

Early Sunday morning Saulo took Andres to see the land where we were meant to be building and they made the decision that it just wouldn’t be possible to build there and we’d have to find new land. This was quite frustrating for us because we were wondering why God would keep closing these doors when we were all eager to get to work on the house but we have come to see that even though our project at the church isn’t what we originally expected, there’s still so many ways in which we can serve there and be a blessing.

Image of step being builtThat first Sunday morning Josh and Beth led worship, which surprisingly went smoother than any service in Medellín (possibly due to the lack of electricity as we were down to the basics of voice and acoustic guitar!) and it was great to meet the members of the church. Afterwards we had a meal with Andres and Jimena and the others before they left again for Quito. On Monday we had a day off and were able to get some chores done like cleaning our rooms and washing clothes, and it was good to have a decent amount of time doing a devotional together and spending time with God.

Tuesday and Wednesday we were back at the church, making progress in building the concrete foundation for the store room and making the land around the church look nicer and more presentable. We were starting to feel like we were really settling into Pedernales and getting into the routine of things.

Things we’re thankful for:

  • the generosity of the family that we live with and the chance to get to know them
  • great  food at the Pastor’s restaurant every day!
  • Ina and Saulo who are a great support to the team and have become our good friends.

Things to pray for:

  • Guidance in our work on the church
  • Strength and energy to keep up the physical work
  • Unity within the team
  • That we would keep our eyes on God even when we’re busy