Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well back in the UK. Sorry for the delay in the report, we have been really busy.

On Thursday 20th April we were able to have a bit of a lie in as the last couple of days we have been really busy. After resting we started preparing for our English class at Loyola and then we also had to plan and buy resources for our last kids session at ‘Lane Biblioteca’ at the end the church on Friday.

On Friday we had to get up early as we had to go and wash the chairs from the church. After this we went to do some visits to some members of the church’s houses and we prayed for them. After this we had to go back to the church to set up the different activities we had planned for the children at the Ludoteca. We had five different stations for them to do – the activities were making friendship bracelets, making rainbows, making sandwiches, making hand prints, making lanterns. These activities all linked to a verse from the Bible so we taught them the verses as well. After this we had to catch the bus to go to El Redil Estadio which is a youth service. The service was about mission and they had lots of questions about missions that we had to discuss and talk about.

Image of Step team in Colombia shirtsOn Saturday we went to church again because we normally go to help with the children’s club ‘El Arca’ but when we entered the church was full of decorations as today was a special ‘Day of the children’. Also it was our last day there, we had a lovely time singing and also playing games with them. There was a big surprise for our team because they had brought us presents, they made us a video with all the photos they took of us, and got us a keyring. It was so kind of them we were so grateful. It was so hard to say goodbye to some of the children as we weren’t going to see them again. After this we had to go to Loyola for our last English classes there. When we got there we found a massive surprise: they had decorated the room and brought drinks and snacks and organised a little thank you party. They also gave us all a little present, which was a Colombian bracelet. After this we went back to the church as we had a youth service which was full of young people. Alice Payne led and talked about the invitation to follow Jesus.

Image of Step team in front of El PenalOn Sunday we went to church earlier than normal as we were preparing lunch for them and also we decorated the church, as it was our last time at the church. Josh led the preach and it was about freedom. So we had a farewell meal and then Arnoldo asked us to come to the front as they had prepared us a little thank you video, it had all our photos on, they gave us each a CD. The biggest present was a Colombian football top, it was so hard to say goodbye. After this we had to run to get the bus as we were travelling to Guatape. We stayed in a finca (country house/estate) which was Diego’s from El Redil church.

On Monday it was Josh’s birthday. We went to El Peñol which some say is a big meteorite that fell hundreds of years ago and now is something you can climb up. We had a lovely time climbing up it and enjoying the view. Afterwards we had a lovely meal, which Josh treated us too – we had bandeja paisa the traditional Colombian meal. After this we had a lovely boat ride. Then we had to catch the bus back to Medellin.

Image of bandeja paisa foodOn Tuesday we had to wake up really early as it was our last day at the girls school. We had prepared to do a quiz with them but then when we got there the girls had prepared a farewell presentation for us. Each of our individual classes had made us thank you cards for each of us, which was so sweet of them, and in the afternoon class with the older lot we had more of a party with them with food and drink. After this we went to one of the members from El Redil Estadio’s house to have a farewell BBQ which was delicious and they also taught us salsa, which was a bonus!

On Wednesday we had a relaxing morning as we didn’t have to get up so early. But then we had to go and meet Abi as she was coming from Bogota to see us. After a while we had to go to La Loyola as we had our last rebaño where Beth did a preach about being servant hearted.

Thanks & praise:

  • Josh’s family for money they gave for the birthday meal.
  • For all the people in Colombia that we have been with and that have given us presents.
  • That Jordan, Luz & Saron (daughter of luz aged 3) were able to climb El Peñol because their legs hurt.