Hello everyone!

Apologies for the delay in posting – we have been really busy and lots of our spare time has been spent around the family, or planning. We will go back to two weeks ago after our presentation with the girls. The Wednesday (15th) saw us join the new church’s life-group and meet members for the first time. This only came after an absolute downpour on the way there which meant we semi-flooded her flat! Once we got underway, we had worship time together and studied God’s word in Spanish.

On Thursday, we had the first of our visits to a football team, aged 17-18. The aim of this connection was to discuss life topics with them such as money and success, relationships and drugs. As part of the session, we could then introduce them to what God says about each one. We began with an introduction in which we discussed youth culture in Britain and performed a drama about the dangers of placing your identity and trust in things other than God. On the Friday, we ended up leading a kids club at the church despite being told we would only be helping (the Latin American way of doing things always keeps you on the edge of your seat!) We adapted well and the kids had a great time, learning from the Bible and playing games. We did a similar thing on Saturday but in smaller groups, meaning we were able to get to know the children more easily.

On the following Monday (20th March) we had a day off so visited Parque Arvi – an adventure park that included a course similar to Go-Ape. Although it rained quite a lot, we enjoyed some fun down time! A 4:45am alarm followed the next day, as we made it back to the girls’ school in Miraflores for English classes. This was something everyone was nervous about, particularly as we each had our own class, but God helped us so much – giving us confidence and strength to get through the hectic day.

Before going to life group again on Wednesday 22nd, the team and Pastor visited an ill, elderly man and his daughter at their home. After we chatted for a bit, and prayed for the man, the woman decided she wanted to follow Jesus! The next day, we were due to have the football team again but the pollution in Medellin was so bad that they had to impose a car ban! We did, however, do a last minute English class but the response was so popular that we are now doing two classes a week.

Friday was our first chance to visit people in the neighbourhood of El Pacifico. It was amazing to pray into people’s problems and just listen to their stories. One woman welcomed Jesus into her life for the first time and many others responded in some way. Saturday was the first of our weekend English classes.

Team morale is still high and we have had some brilliant devotional times together on gifting and forgiveness.
However there are still some things we need prayer for:
1) We have been feeling more tired as a group so more strength is needed
2) Patience when things don’t go to plan or we struggle to see God in situations
3) That we wouldn’t worry too much about how well we compete tasks, but instead trust that God is here regardless

Thank you! Blessings from Step Team 🙂 x