Pan Flutes, Parables and Swimming in the Lake!

Our week has been very heavily consumed with helping to put on an event for healthy based, Godly, marriages. We have made a lot of decorations, like a serious amount of decorations, from photo frames to 3D stars and had a great turnout of 40 couples. It was a lovely evening and a great event to be a part of.

We have been into the schools to talk about ‘The Parable of the Lost Son’ and ‘The Feeding of the Five Thousand’ and, of course, building work has continued. We have also now all become teachers and are hosting numerous lessons for English, guitar, drums, and piano.

So far what we have learnt about Guatemalan times: when someone says meet at 8 what they really mean is I’ll turn up at some point that day. Even the pianist strolls in half way through worship and starts setting up.

Our lovely neighbour, Diego, now just let’s himself in. Last Wednesday, just before we were about to hit the hay, he turns up with his two daughters and a pan flute for a worship session. There is really no telling when we’ll wake up to him riding around the church on his bike or trying to learn the jive in the Kitchen. He even fixed our fridge with super glue – we are all quite big Diego fans!

On our day off the pastor invited us round for lunch and let’s just say 8 people have never been so happy being served broccoli! Best meal we have had here by far. We were then invited to go for a swim with the pastor and his family. Words don’t really describe how surreal it is to wash yourself in the lake with your Guatemalan pastor in Guatemala.

Another great week!


Prayer requests:

  • Continuing prayer for health.
  • We are hosting a cultural night this Saturday with the youth so pray that we can have good conversations and build on relationships.


Answered prayers:

  • Since last week when we were praying for more opportunities in the community we have been swarmed with work.
  • Health wise we are all still pretty healthy.

The event for healthy marriages

Building work continues!

Dinner time