Fun, Challenges & the privilege of serving God in another culture!

Hello again! Thank you for reading our second update; we’re glad you weren’t scared off by the one we posted last week!

As is to be expected, we’ve had another great week, full of fun, challenges, and the privilege of serving God in another culture! Here are a few highlights from week 2:

Saba project:

We’ve been working at a community centre in Saba for a week now. We’ve spent our time weeding, shifting building materials, and painting tyres. The reason behind this is that we’re building a playground! So far swings, a sea saw and a slide have been put in. We’re looking to level off the ground, and put in some plants in the next few days. We have been very blessed work alongside the locals during this project.

Missionary conference:

On Wednesday evening we went to a missionary service in a nearby city. A well known speaker was giving a sermon on mission, and representatives from all the nearby churches went. It was really amazing to hear some of the stories of God transforming lives in the North-East of Brazil.

Church celebrations:

On Sunday the 11th, there were many baptisms between the 3 local churches. It was an amazing service, and all who were baptised received a “certificate of baptism”. Afterwards, there was a church meal, which most of the church was involved in. Also, on Friday evening, we attended the youth service and celebrated, with cake(!), birthdays that had passed in the last 3 months. It was a lovely social event.

Saba service:

Last Saturday, Olivia and Shania led a service and preached in Sabá about how Jesus knows and understands our emotions and how he is the bridge between us and God. They did an amazing job with this!

We finish our update with some prayer requests, which we would love you to pray through when you have time this week:

  • Wellbeing: please pray for the continued health and wellbeing of the team. Unfortunately there a few bugs going around which has affected the team, so please pray that we’d all be at full health for our final week of project!
  • Continued progress with the project: please pray for our continued work in Saba, including energy for completing the playground, and Katie and Emily who are preaching at the service next Saturday.
  • Finally, please pray that we would finish our time in Custódia well. We leave Custódia on Tuesday, so please pray for the relationships we’ve built and our continued witnessing.