God Has Been So Faithful

Somehow it’s been 4 months and we are now in our last week. It has absolutely flown by (for most). As much as I am sure you would love to hear about us sitting on the beach for the next 6 days this is sadly going to be the last report. This week was filled with a lot of goodbyes as we left Alotenango. It’s safe to say we have all loved our time in this town and although most of us would never go back to teaching again.

On Wednesday the teachers all got a day off to go to the beach. So 18 of us all crammed into a tiny camper and set off for a beach day. It was flippin’ hot! Like the sand, the sea, the air, everything was flippin’ hot. We had a lovely BBQ cooked by the pastor, which of course included tortillas (that typical BBQ food).

The last day of school was filled with a lot of sad goodbyes to the kids but it was really nice to see the impact our attempt at teaching had had. Even some of the teachers looked slightly sad at the thought of us leaving. Our leaving gifts were these mobiles created by the kids I guess they didn’t get the memo about our luggage allowance.

Keeping in traditional we had a final supper of spag bowl with the pastor and his family which the boys were put in charge of (basically just Will). On top of this farewell meal we also were given dinner by the church on Sunday. We all crammed into the hall way around a table and enjoyed chicken, rice and of course tortillas. Our farewell service by the church consisted of us receiving certificates, some of us really valued these and some just dropped them in water (Beth claims it was an accident).

In our last week we decided to paint a mural in torrential rain, because why not. Some of us would even say we risked our lives to complete this painting after a couple of incidents of falling off the ladder.

We have all loved our time as a Step team in Guatemala and I don’t think we can really believe it’s come to an end. Thank you for all the support whilst we have been here, this is an experience I don’t think we will ever forget. God has been so faithful.


  • Safety for those continuing to travel
  • Prayer for those coming back that they can adjust quickly
  • Prayer for Esperansa project in Alotenango

Last Day With The Teachers

The Mural

Classic Spag Bol

Our Certificates