Cold Showers, Loud Worship and Gratitude!

After extremely little sleep and a near miss of our flight from Mexico, we are pleased to say all 8 of us have arrived in Guatemala (with 8 passports).

Ever since unpacking on Tuesday we have been submerged in Guatemalan culture, and enjoying cold showers – in the words of Beth “whoever told me this is nice is a liar”.

We have also had some interesting new cuisine – “we’ll have that without chicken please”. Parents will be pleased to know we are eating a lot of veg.

The church where are we staying have been hosting numerous events over the last week, and we have had the chance to be involved. We have been to 4 church services in 5 days and now understand about 1% of what they are saying, but it’s amazing to see God’s people coming together to worship (even if it is loud, like very loud).

Our week so far has been filled with a lot of playing with kids and getting to know them all, lots of singing (yet to perform our debut), going to the youth group here, drama performances in the school (this week it has been Noah), and learning to cook!!

We have tried to make our bedrooms in the church like a little home from home and have covered our fridge in timetables and calendars. We even celebrated St Patrick’s Day for Niall.

Overall it’s been a bit of a shock, but we have been so blessed with how loving God’s people have been and how positive our mind sets have stayed – we have laughed through it all! We are grateful for everything even our fridge (now broken).

Prayer list:

  • That we can grasp the language quickly. We would love to be able to try help in the community and the language barrier makes it tricky.
  • We started our first project this Monday and really would like prayer that we can be a blessing where we are serving.
  • So far we have been really blessed to stay healthy and would like that to continue!

Thank you all so much for all your prayers we really appreciate it.

Adios for now.