Uno, Guacamole and Trusting in God!

¡Hola a Todos!

We have arrived safe and sound after a long but relatively easy journey, and have been spending these last couple days settling in and getting to know some of the congregation, our amazing short term coordinator Kayla and one another more through games of Uno, song and dance – (there’s no wifi here, which some of us are enjoying more than others!!)

We were excited for today as Anna, our lovely Scottish gal, has arrived! On her way down from Scotland to the airport her bag was stolen (??) with her important documents in, so she was unable to fly with us all on Monday. However, her passport was found by police and after a day in Latin Link HQ she set off to join us here. Anna has been a real encouragement to us all from afar (!) with her calmness and trust in God in this situation, and it was an amazing answer to prayer before we had even left UK soil!

On our day of arrival there was a worship service in the evening in church (which is approximately 8 steps from our beds), and so running on about 5 hours sleep we were then immersed into the Costa Rican charismatic church!! The congregation have been extremely welcoming and keen for us to get involved. Despite the language barrier for 50% of the group, we were all able to join in with the fun and lively worship!

At the end of the service the congregation decided that they would like to bless us with lunch most days, which is so much more than we could’ve expected of them. So, yesterday we devoured the most amazing frijoles, guacamole, ensalada y fried plátanos!!

We have had a few logistical issues with currency and materials, but are looking forward to getting going with the building project tomorrow. Los niños are on vacation at the moment so there is no kids club this week, but we are excited to continue to get to know those that are around through the services in the next few days.

A verse from our daily devotions that has been a real encouragement to us over these first few days is 2 Corinthians 4:7.

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”

We’d love some prayer for:

  • God’s guidance throughout our time here, especially with the building project which is going to be quite tough work
  • Communication with our lovely hosts (the only English comes from Sebastian, our 13 year old buddy!)
  • Safety, good health, an unblocked toilet and a positive attitude with the cold shower!
  • Energy… our days are currently 5am to 8pm!

¡Gracias y adios!