North to South

North to South: Community Challenge

Join our virtual fundraising challenge, travelling from Mexico to Chile to raise vital funds for vulnerable Latin American communities.

Across Latin America, Covid-19 has pushed millions more people into poverty. Economies have been crippled, health care systems overwhelmed, education at risk, and unemployment levels heightened.

As the enduring effects of the pandemic advance through the region, Latin Link mission workers continue serving among vulnerable communities, working to restore lost hope, providing opportunities for development, and offering the good news of Jesus to all.

You can support Latin Link mission workers by taking on our sponsored challenge. By getting involved with the North to South Community Challenge, you will enable Latin Link to send and support equip mission workers helping Latin American communities recover from coronavirus.


What is the North to South challenge?

Help us journey the length of Latin America and raise £20,000 of vital support.

It’s an impressive challenge: 15,000km through 15 countries, equivalent to the distance from Latin Link’s most northerly mission workers in Mexico, to our most southerly in Chile. And you’re invited to take part!

Don’t worry, you’re not expected to travel the whole distance on your own… this is a community challenge, so everyone’s individual distance is added together until we reach our target.

How it works

You pick how many kilometres want to cover, then get sponsored to walk, cycle, run or swim it (or something creative – kayak, skate, cartwheel, anything goes!)

When you’ve covered your chosen distance, simply add your contribution to our total!

To keep track of everyone’s participation, we’re using the My Virtual Mission platform, which allows you to record your activity, post updates, and receive prayer points for the people and places we visit on our route through Latin America.

Tips for choosing a distance

What distance should you aim for?

Choose whatever distance is a challenge for you! You could sprint for 1500m, walk for 15km, or canoe for 150km! Here are a few pointers to get you thinking.

1. Make it a challenge. To help people want to sponsor you, you’ll need to pick a distance that’s a real achievement. If you’re a seasoned marathon runner, a 1km walk around your local park might not gain much support! Everyone’s ability is unique, so just choose something that’s right for you.

2. Make it count. 15,000km is a lot for us to cover! So you might want to make your contribution count towards that total by giving yourself a long-distance challenge. For example, rather than hiking 15km in one day, you could give yourself a month to hike 150km. That way, you’re spreading your challenge out and adding more distance to our total.

3. Make it fun! As well as pushing yourself, we hope this can be a really great opportunity to keep active over the winter months, and have some fun! Why not get some friends on board and swim as a group? Or perhaps you could dance your way to 5k? Whatever challenge you set yourself, try to enjoy it!

How to take part

  1. Request to join the Latin Link fundraiser
  2. Create an account on My Virtual Mission
  3. Ask your friends and family to sponsor your challenge
  4. Get started! Walk, run, cycle, or swim your way through the kilometres
  5. Log your distance using the My Virtual Mission page or the smartphone app



How to sponsor the challenge

To support this fundraiser by making a one-off donation or recurring gift, please use the button above.

If you’re sponsoring a specific individual or group challenge, there is a comment section on the donation page in which you can write a personalised message.


If you’ve got questions about this fundraiser, we’re here to help! Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Still not sure on something? Send us an email at, or message us on Instagram or Facebook.

We’re really grateful for any distance or donation you can contribute to this fundraiser. It’s a community effort, so we need all the help you can give. Thank you.