Latin Link loves multi-directional mission! As well as sending mission workers to Latin America, we also receive them from Latin contexts, through our Incoming Mission programme. Here’s what they’re all working on at the moment:

Vicky Valladares (Guatemalan) works at Restore Community Church, Essex. She helps with the church’s graphic design and runs the Toddler groups.

PRAY for grace, wisdom and love to build relationships with the local community.

Sadoc and Vivi Chongo, in ScotlandSadoc and Vivi Chongo (Guatemalan/Mexican) are youth and community workers at Trinity Church, Dalry, in Scotland. They run clubs for primary and secondary school students.

PRAY for Vivi as she plans to start a ‘Spanish Café’ as a way of engaging with the community.

Lelmer and Renata Campos (Brazilian) serve a church in Weymouth. Lelmer is the Pastoral and Community Worker, which involves leading the youth and children’s work. Renata is involved in the Parents and Toddlers group, and Sunday school.

PRAY for the successful application of longer-term visas.

Orlando Castro (Ecuadorian) is based in Diss, teaching and mentoring young musicians, as well as leading Spanish language classes. He is currently writing a science-fiction book, aimed at helping his students to understand the gospel.

PRAY for opportunities to share the gospel effectively with the Spanish students.

Jax McCallum speaking at an all-age church service

Jax McCallum (Argentine) is a Community Worker at First Larne Presbyterian Church, Northern Ireland. She runs women’s Bible studies, and a Christianity Explored group, as well as kids and youth ministries in the church and local schools.

PRAY for Jax as she renews her contract and visa in October.

Edith Vilamajó (Spanish) is based in Oxford, where she teaches at a Spanish-speaking online theological school. She is also publishing a book on the topic of renewing church teaching ministries.

PRAY that the publication is well received and has a positive impact.

David and Denise Flynn (Bolivian/British) work with Deaf Christians in Britain and Bolivia. As part of this, they run a Discipleship and Leadership training course for deaf people.

PRAY as they begin a new nine-week course for deaf people, providing them with an overview of the Bible.