We have arrived in Guatemala! Thank you so much to everyone for your prayers and donations that enabled us to get here. We all feel so privileged and grateful that through the support of others we’re serving with Christians on the other side of the world.

We’ve now been at the project for a couple of days and have been introduced to the amazing projects that Educando para la Vida (Educating for Life) have founded. They predominantly work with children who have been underachieving at primary school to provide them with extra lessons, while also keeping them from falling into crime. They also run projects for the youth and the most deprived families in the local community. One project we all feel passionate about is ‘Seeds of Hope’ which teaches families how to utilise their outdoor space to maximise their produce. This project has been seen to heal family relations, especially through covid, as it unites families and brings a source of food and income.

We’ve had a few hiccups this week, including losing our groceries and becoming good friends with the plumber due to some toilet blockages!

Next week we will be painting the floor of the courtyard, playing educational games with the children, visiting families, helping with the children’s lessons and Bible teaching, and doing a baking class for the women involved in the project.

Please pray for us as we enter a new week, that we will use our time here effectively to best serve all those involved in the project.

Please pray we can be lights in the children’s lives and that through games and songs we can teach them the importance of having a relationship with God, despite many of us having limited Spanish.

Please also pray for our and the Educando team’s safety and health.

Guatemala Step Team