Kingdom Coffee

The coffee that you drink can raise funds for Latin Link!

Do you buy coffee in bulk? For every case of Pura Vida Fairtrade Plus Coffee purchased, Kingdom Coffee will donate £5 to Latin Link.

With a box costing about 5p per cup, it’s a great way to make the coffee served in your church or coffee shop count for more.

Just remember to pick Latin Link as your chosen charity when you order. And you’ll also be supporting Fairtrade. Order online by clicking the button below.


Our partner Kingdom Coffee says:

“FAIRTRADE AND ETHICAL are two of Kingdom Coffee’s guiding principles. We have established wonderful working relationships with Latin Link to whom we make contributions that, in turn, help to fund their projects. Welfare, education and social projects are all beneficiaries of the money you kindly contribute through your purchase of our coffee, and our charitable partner ensures that every penny is used to improve the lives of others.”

Kingdom Coffee is helping Latin Link to impact many lives, as we share the love of God by sending and receiving individuals and teams, to and from Latin American communities.

During the last decade, Kingdom Coffee has donated over £19,000, from matching donations made at the Christian Resources Exhibition and from sales of their Pura Vida Fairtrade Plus brand. This money has supported projects in Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, and most recently Peru and Brazil.

In the past year, this support has helped two Latin Link members doing fantastic work in communities that struggle with many problems arising from poverty:

Sharon Jones coordinates the Buena Tierra (Good Soil) ministry, which provides training and resources to churches and schools, helping to prevent child sexual abuse.

Paul Crothers works with two ministries (Project Vale/Rama and Valuing Lives Ministries) in Recife, Brazil, reaching out to children, teenagers, and families. Sport plays a big part in this outreach, particularly football.

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