Guildford Baptist Church have had an ongoing and strong partnership with Latin Link for many years.

The church supports several Latin Link longer-term workers, and in 2016 sent a Strider to Colombia for ten months.

Image of Stepper with two kids painting a wallThe church also sent a Step team of 11 to Cusco, Peru, in 2016, further solidifying the partnership.

Rachel White, one of the team leaders, writes:

‘Peru was an important place for us to go as a church family because of the longstanding connection we have with Ian and Juliana Horne and family. As a church we have supported them and journeyed with them over many years.

‘It was such a privilege to spend time with them. We experienced first hand the work they’re involved in and got to know some of the people they work with. It gave us an insight into their lives – the joys and the challenges. We were able to benefit from the relationships they have built over many years. This was a huge honour and very humbling.’

The team was a diverse group made up of a family, students, professionals and retirees. On their return Rachel reflects:

‘The team was very supportive and caring. Our team times of prayer and Bible study together were among the many highlights of the trip. We lived and worked together and got to know each other well. This has had a lasting impact on us in our church. We made friendships that continue with people who we wouldn’t necessarily have had opportunity to get to know in such a large church.’

The sending church is a key partner in mission – it invests financially, spiritually and emotionally in the individuals going, and on their return can reap a harvest. People often come back with a renewed willingness to serve, a greater passion for the gospel and a heart for mission locally and internationally.