Colombia 2023

Colombia: 31st July – 21st August 2023


  • Where: Barranquilla, Colombia. Population roughly 1.2 million (2018). Busy seaport town. Tropic climate, hot. North of Colombia, near the Caribbean Sea


  • Who: Working with a range of different local organisations, as well as the local church in Barranquilla. Fundacion Doulos, Morada de Dios, El Pacto, Fuente de Agua Vida / Oasis de Fe, Los Angeles and Fundacion Vida Para Las Naciones (Funvida)


  • What: The overall aim of the project will be supporting local churches and ministries in their work to alleviate poverty, love others and share Christ with people in their community.
    • Helping to run a youth camp with the aim of helping the young people to learn English. English is a valuable skill in the job market, but the cost to learn it is too high to make it accessible for many
    • Teaching English in a school to help young people to develop their language skills
    • Supporting other ministries as the reach out to meet the needs of the local community. Providing support and relief for Venezuelan migrants, discipling Christians in the church, after school kids’ programmes, sports and games initiatives.


  • When: Rough dates 31st July – 21st August


  • Summary: A varied project working with a number of different organisations to provide support to the local community in Barranquilla, Colombia.


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