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Progress at the campamento!

Another week in Ecuador has flown by! Writing these weekly reports is a lovely way to reflect on how God has been working in our lives here, and we’re thankful for his daily blessings. We stayed at the campamento at the weekend instead of going back to Santo Domingo, to allow any unrest to settle … Continued

Thunderstorms and Fish Soup

We were welcomed into week two of Ecuador with a thunderstorm and a power cut at the campamento! This led to an impromptu worship session where we praised Jesus with both English and Spanish songs. By Wednesday morning the power was back on and we continued our work attempting to install a water system in … Continued

Our first week in Ecuador

A week ago, we were at Heathrow airport, saying our goodbyes and taking our first Step in our journey to Ecuador. We were welcomed by Jessie and Abby at the airport and the team was finally United! We temporarily lost one bag along the way, but a few days later it was successfully returned which … Continued

Report #1 – 16/03/2020

Twister, Construction and Carbs! Before leaving for our trip we were told about certain Colombian traditions and their lifestyle but I don’t think any of us had fully appreciated the concept of Colombian timings until we were sat at Bogotá airport at 4 am on day one of the trip looking for our lift home. … Continued

Report #2 – 20/08/2019

Fun, Challenges & the privilege of serving God in another culture! Hello again! Thank you for reading our second update; we’re glad you weren’t scared off by the one we posted last week! As is to be expected, we’ve had another great week, full of fun, challenges, and the privilege of serving God in another … Continued

Report #1 – 13/08/2019

Compassion, Bees and Brazilian Hospitality! The Compassion Project: This week, we have been working with a local church on their ‘Compassion Project’. The project provides children with a safe haven from the many challenges they face in their lives. The project provides them with love, healthy meals and teaches them about Jesus. The theme this … Continued

Report #3 – 22/07/2019

Wheelbarrows, Kids Club and Mystery Debriefs! ¡Hola muchachos! It is our final day here in Los Guido, and we are working hard to finish the fence. 100+ wheelbarrow trips have been done to the tip and the old metal bars have a fresh coat of paint. It has been quite tiring work, especially without the … Continued

Report #2 – 12/07/2019

Shovelling, Noah’s Ark and The Basilica! ¡Buenos días! We have reached the half way point of our time here, which is crazy, and a lot has happened since we last updated you! The old fence has come down, the land somewhat cleared and the new bricks are being laid as we speak. It has been … Continued

Report #1 – 05/07/2019

Uno, Guacamole and Trusting in God! ¡Hola a Todos! We have arrived safe and sound after a long but relatively easy journey, and have been spending these last couple days settling in and getting to know some of the congregation, our amazing short term coordinator Kayla and one another more through games of Uno, song … Continued