Caring for a mission worker

Whether you are sending a short-term or longer-term worker, partnership and support are vital.

Those who serve God in another country go through significant changes in their lives. They need to know that they have others who will help them through this time of transition as they prepare for ministry overseas, and then once they are serving, and finally when they return.

Latin Link provides support – and so too does the sending church. There are many ways churches can help to care for a member who is sent to work in Latin America.

If your church is receiving a mission worker from Latin America to serve with you then, of course, you need to provide pastoral support for them too. More information about caring for an Incoming Mission member can be found here.

Here are the three main areas that churches can provide support:

  1. Before departure – there are many things to sort out before stepping onto a plane, from getting visas to establishing financial support. A church partnership is essential to make this process as successful and smooth as possible.
  2. During their time of service – it is a challenge to serve cross-culturally! People need support as they go through the ups and downs of living and serving in another country, through prayer, communication, visits etc. You are part of what God is doing through them and your involvement is vital.
  3. On their return – readjusting back to one’s home culture after overseas service can be a shock. Churches can be of vital help in this process through such things as providing space for them to talk and helping them to find their place in the local community.

If you send a worker who serves with Latin Link, we will look at these three areas in much greater detail as part of the application and sending process.

For more detailed information about sending and supporting mission workers, please email