Author: Will

Colombia Step Report #1

Our first week in Colombia has been an exciting experience but took a while to adjust to the heat and way of life! 01/08/23 On the first day of work, we visited a primary school where the children were learning English. We were greeted with many smiley faces and hugs! We met children from each … Continued

Peru Step Report #2

Summer Camp at Vitor with the Shalom families On Tuesday morning we went to the Vitor Campsite with all the Shalom pupils and their families. Everyone had an amazing time thanks to the organisation and hard work of the Shalom team who worked non-stop from beginning to end. So much thought, preparation and attention to … Continued

Mexico and Costa Rica Step Report #9

Work in Latin America is over! We have left Campamento Roblealto and are debriefing at one of the volunteer’s houses with our coordinator. The last two weeks have been incredible. God has worked so much in the lives of so many children this “Temporada”/season. We had some incredible nights where the Spirit was moving through … Continued

Argentina and Bolivia Step Report #14

I (Rosie) can’t imagine many more picturesque spots to enjoy looking back on two weeks of marvellous Step fun than where I’m currently writing. I believe it’s now our 4th time at the Trinidad lake, and I’m soaking in the peace of the surroundings, and the joy of hanging out and all relaxing together, treasuring … Continued

Ecuador Step Report #1

After a long overnight flight for the UK team, and 5 hours waiting in Quito for our team from Guatemala, we all made it to Ecuador smoothly and easily.    Our first Ecuadorean experience was taking the public bus from the airport to the bus terminal – our suitcases rammed into the door as we … Continued

Mexico and Costa Rica Step Report #8

The team are more-and-more becoming proper members of the staff at Roblealto, taking on more responsibilities, and getting into the routine of life. Our work is split between program (when groups come to camp, and we run activities with a Biblical message) and manual labor. While the work can be difficult, I have a strong … Continued

Argentina and Bolivia Step Report #13

Report 13 Another week passes and we are already halfway through our time here in Bolivia, it is crazy! This week was a tough week of work particularly for us boys. Indeed we were working in the garden. Pickaxing and then shovelling mud into a wheelbarrow, to wheelie it to the gardening patch where we … Continued

Argentina and Bolivia Step Report #12

Week 12 Hello everyone! Unfortunately for me (James) and probably you it’s my turn to write the step report so here is my attempt. Sorry for any grammatical errors in advance. Here goes… Monday was an exceptionally good day for Izzy Munday because it was her birthday and she brought the cold and rain which … Continued

Mexico and Costa Rica Step Report #7

Week two in Campamento Roblealto was intense, joyful and growing. Our work and service here in camp took off in the form of two camp days with children, a day of labouring in the workshop, and a weekend of training. The camp days with children were wonderful. To live and serve in an environment where … Continued