Week 3

Monday: 6 hours of moving sand in 30 degree heat! Rosie’s bday! We went to Marco’s house in the evening for a birthday party with a piñata, pizza and dulce de leche cake!

Tuesday: moving 1000 bricks- we had to throw bricks upwards and many were broken! In the evening some of us went to visit the English school to plan going there once a week and help teach English.

Wednesday: started to make cement and help with building. In the evening some of us went to an annexo, we had to sing and James shared his testimony. They surprised us with a great big meal after and we did some really fun carpool karaoke on the way home.

Thursday: some went to work in heavy rain in morning. We had all afternoon and evening at home so played many games: monopoly, card games and some kids games, and finally the dream game which Jakob excelled at!

Friday: it rained again so we sadly couldn’t work! Some pastors from a Bolivian church came round in evening so that we could meet them to visit their church in a few weeks. They tried our English tea and homemade shortbread! There was a power cut in the evening so we cooked and ate tea in the dark, played live mafia which was insanely scary for some which once again turned into a water fight (the girls of course won). (Edit-they didn’t)

Saturday: we went to the merendero again in the morning- we taught them another kids’ song in Spanish, played football and parachute games. We all ran to the shops in the rain to catch food and were given free empanadas from a very kind man from the church. Played indoor volleyball and cricket in afternoon as well as some card games into the evening.

Sunday: had a nice lie in and then went to Marco’s house for lunch in the afternoon and had plenty of meat again! We taught them jungle speed which they loved. Some of us went to visit Virgen de la Peña to be able to go next week, it’s like a big jungle with waterfalls and we absolutely loved being able to get out and explore finally! In the evening we went to church, sang Amazing Grace together at the front and enjoyed chatting to people after. We experimented making dulce de leche empanadas at midnight which were very yummy!

Prayer points:
-help support the church with practical ideas as they continue to raise funds for the building work
-be able to help more in some way even when it rains!

Huge praise for the general kindness shown by the local people here, we have all really noticed this and have been greatly encouraged!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support!

Natalie, Tim, Catherine, Rosie, Izzy, Jakob and James