Week 12

Hello everyone! Unfortunately for me (James) and probably you it’s my turn to write the step report so here is my attempt. Sorry for any grammatical errors in advance. Here goes…

Monday was an exceptionally good day for Izzy Munday because it was her birthday and she brought the cold and rain which we were very blessed by. For her birthday the day started with Pancakes cooked by the esclavo de azúcar.

We had a chill morning and then ate Toad in the Hole. In the evening we were invited to Ruddy’s parents house for dinner. We ate a traditional Bolivian dish called ‘Masaco’ they have many pets at their house which I hated but Tim and Catherine loved. They even put the cats in their matching hoodies.

Tuesday was further cold weather (yay). We sanded all of the doors in the church and Comunidad room which we then varnished in the afternoon. In the evening Jakestar agreed to give Olvidia some English lessons, which ended up being daily sessions.

Wednesday we had further work in the church which finished with a Boys vs Girls footy match and the girls ended up winning with some questionable goals, therefore a rematch is going to happen. In the afternoon me and Tim helped Carlos with the garden project where we planted coriander and fixed the netting which had fallen down in the wind. We sampled some sweet peppers and then we were baited into tying a VERY hot Chilli which resulted in us sprinting to the kitchen and downing a lot of milk.

Each day we have split into different projects in the afternoons: Jakestar going to football ministry with the project supervisor, Izzy and Nat going to comunidad (kids club), Cat and Rosie planning their painting project and Tim and I helping gardening.

Thursday we scrubbed the varnish off the floor and we finished by lying on each other (see pic!). We split up again in the afternoon. At the kids club there is usually a few games, some bible teaching and songs, and then time to play and help the children with their homework. We attempted to make millionaire shortbread in the evening without the choc part but with dulce de leche and Oreos. The evening ended with some prayer time which was really great and encouraging for all.

Friday we did various jobs in the main church room whilst listening and dancing to some worship tunes we had learnt in Argentina. We went to the downstairs cafe for lunch where we enjoyed a famous Bolivian dish called ‘pique macho’ which is chips loaded with sausages, steak, eggs and peppers. In the Evening we walked into the centre to escape the local area for a bit and had ice cream.


Saturday we got invited to Miguel’s and Ruth’s (Ruddy’s parents) for some leng chicken. Sadly not sadly, we heard the news that 2 of their cats had possibly been eaten by vultures. In the afternoon we explored some local parks which had alligators, Monkeys, parrots, Cappyburra, snakes, turtles, and a gnat. In the evening some of the group went to the youth group where they mingled with similar aged Bollies and got to know them.

Sunday we went to church which is next door to where we live however somehow we are always late. Natalie and Izzy translated the sermon which went smoothly. Jakestar did well playing the wrong chords to the wrong song, it still sounded nice and not many people noticed. Izzy was also great in accompanying the bass singer. In the afternoon we played Wally again with people from the church. My team won as I had decided not to wear sliders for the first time in 3 months.

This is the longest piece of English I have done since Year 11 so hopefully it’s not dull. Thank you for your continued prayers for us as we keep serving the Lord here in Trinidad.

It would be appreciated if you could pray that we can continue to be a help to the church here. Indeed we are working in the garden next week, so prayer for the heat would also be welcome as it is going to get hot again! Also for continued friendship with all the new people we have met.

Thank you

MintJ, Tinkle Winkle, Baldi, Rose Eater, Gnat, Lazy Buzzard, and Munday