Report 11

It’s our second week here, and we are certainly getting into the swing of things in Trinidad.

It’s been a busy week of working at the church. We’ve taken the carpet and wooden planks off the stage to check for termites, and thankfully there wasn’t anywhere near the damage expected. We have painted the walls of the church, and James built a bench for all the tech at the back. I have also gone to football with Simon most afternoons as well. Indeed, everything seems to be going to plan and we definitely feel like we have been helpful. The first thing we do after we have finished working is to collapse on the sofa!

Outside of work it has been a pretty quiet week, spending our evenings relaxing and watching films such as Frozen. On Thursday Olvidia and Claudia came round with a Wii for us to all play on together. Of course the first instinct was Mario kart but that unfortunately didn’t work! Instead we started off with Wii Sport, playing tennis and Bowling, which is an absolute classic. What is also a classic and great fun is Just Dance which was the next CD that was inserted. It was just as entertaining watching everyone dance, (especially James) as it was dancing. Olvidia and Claudia then taught us a typical Bolivian dance, and in return we taught them some barn dances which was super enjoyable and a great pleasure.


On Saturday we returned to the lake and stayed there for 6 hours! It was a great way to relax after a week of what I thought was quite hard work. Also, the weather can only be described as hot and sticky, another reason to spend an afternoon by a cool and pretty lake.

On Sunday, we went to church again in the morning, and we still can’t get over how similar it is to our churches back in England. Another perk is that we are no longer called to the front each week to sing!

In the evening we played a game called Walleyball? Wolleyball? Valleyball? Whatever. It’s basically indoor volleyball where you are able to use the walls to hit the ball off of. People from the church were there, and everyone had a great time – it was nice to try out something new and spend some more time with the locals. It certainly was a great way to round off our second week here in Trinidad.

Thank you for all your continued prayer for us and our time here, it is definitely appreciated! At the time of writing the temperature here is 13 degrees so that is one prayer answered!

It would be greatly appreciated if you guys could pray that we can continue to spend time and make friends with the people here as they have all been incredibly friendly and kind to us.


Jakob, Tim, Catherine, Rosie, Izzy, Natalie and James.